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Homemade N’duja Sausage

Recipe & Image by: Passione Per Cucina

N’duja is a spicy spreadable sausage made with pork. It is typically made with parts of the pig such as the shoulder, belly and jowl, as well as a mixture of spices. It is a Calabrian variation of salami, loosely based on the French andouille

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  • 1. Mince the pork meat and back fat through a 4mm mincer plate.
  • 2. Cut the tops of the chilies, but leave the seeds in and blend them in a food processor.
  • 3. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix together well with your hands, you might want to use rubber gloves as this is a very spicy mix.
  • 4. Use a mincer with sausage making attachment to stuff the mixture into your casing, fill and tie ready to hang.
  • 5. Hang for 4 to 6 weeks, till your N'duja slightly firm up but are still spreadable when cut.

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