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Why do my sausages bust when I cook them?

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There are probably a few reasons for sausages to split when cooked so I will outline them for you.
– Too much meat in the skins! Try not to over stuff a sausage, You should be able to pinch the sausage between thumb and forefinger easily when twisting. If you can’t then there is too much meat in the skin and when it expands with cooking the skin will split.
– Piercing the sausage with a fork prior to cooking! Piercing weakens the skin which will cause it to split when cooked, it also releases all of the fat which is required to stop a sausage being dry and tasteless.
– Putting sausages straight into a very hot pan is probably the most common cause of splitting. Start cooking by placing the sausages into a warm pan and then turn the heat up to the required level.

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