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About is a site developed by Butcher at Home dedicated entirely to Sausage Making.  The site has been built as a place for people to share recipes, hints and tips, and basically learn all about how to make Sausages.  We will constantly be adding material to the site, and we encourage visitors to the site to submit recipes, and information to help out anyone wanting to know more.

About Butcher at Home

Through the perfect blend of equipment, ingredients and support, we help commercial butchers and home cooks make the most of meat with ease and confidence.

Whether it’s your everyday trade or an enjoyable pastime, we make it simple to successfully cut, carve, prepare, tenderise, mince, marinade, cure and smoke your own meat.

With us, you enjoy the best of tradition, experience and innovation. We started modestly in 1908, growing in expertise and capabilities to become Eade & May and later EAM Sales, the family business that stands proudly behind Butcher at Home today.

While our products may have changed over more than a century, our focus and philosophy remains the same.

Everything we do is backed by a practical and personal approach, designed to transform meat and meal preparation into a smooth, cost effective and truly rewarding experience.

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